What to Expect

As you step into Saints Constantine and Helen Greek Orthodox Cathedral of Brooklyn...

...you are about to embark on a deeply meaningful journey through the Greek Orthodox Divine Liturgy. The atmosphere here is a blend of tradition and community, creating a unique worship experience.

Gaze upon the intricate icons, the flickering candles, and the gentle waft of incense that fills the air, all coming together to envelop you in a sense of holiness and reverence. The Cathedral's architecture and decor reflect a deep connection to the Orthodox faith and the history it carries.

As you participate in the Divine Liturgy, you'll notice a rhythm of standing, sitting, and moments of reflection. Feel free to join in the singing and responses, even if you're new to the customs – the community values the shared experience of worship.

At the heart of the Divine Liturgy, you'll encounter the Eucharist, a central focus of Orthodox worship. While non-Orthodox visitors don't partake, you can approach the chalice for a blessing as it's offered. At the end of the service, a gift of blessed bread is given to each person present. 

Expect the Divine Liturgy at Saints Constantine and Helen to unfold at a deliberate pace, allowing you to fully immerse yourself in the rich tapestry of prayers, hymns, and scripture readings. As you engage in this ancient and sacred ritual, you'll connect with the spiritual heritage of the Cathedral and the broader Orthodox community, finding a profound sense of unity and devotion.


Join us for a soul-nourishing Orthodox Christian experience. Embrace the rich traditions of our faith and worship together in a welcoming community.

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Discover an exhilarating journey of faith and friendship through our vibrant youth ministries. From engaging discussions to exciting activities, our programs offer a perfect blend of spirituality and fun, fostering lifelong connections. Come be a part of the joyous and meaningful experiences that await you!

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A. Fantis School

A. Fantis is a small, tight-knit community, where generations gather in school and church as students, alumni, faculty, board members, parents and grandparents. From the first tentative steps into preschool through the tears at eighth grade graduation, each class becomes a close family that grows together and shares memories that span a decade. They grow to appreciate Fantis as “a second home”. In today’s increasingly hectic and global community, spending their formative years at Fantis and forming deep friendships is a treasure that they will carry with them for life.

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Serve and Sing!

Envelop yourself in the awe-inspiring Byzantine chant, guided through a timeless journey of worship, surrounded by the beauty of ancient traditions and modern expressions. As you step into the cathedral, expect to be immersed in a sacred atmosphere that invites you to connect with the divine through melodic reverence.

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The Brooklyn Greek Festival!

Indulge in the vibrant culture and irresistible flavors of Greece at The Brooklyn Greek Festival. From traditional dances to mouthwatering cuisine, immerse yourself in a weekend of festive celebration. Join us the first full week in June every year in experiencing the warmth of Greek hospitality right in the heart of Brooklyn!

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Ladies Philoptochos

Discover the compassion in action with our local parish's Ladies Philoptochos Chapter. Committed to philanthropy and service, we empower women to make a meaningful impact through charitable endeavors that uplift our community. Join us to channel your heart into transformative initiatives that embody the true spirit of love and giving.

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What to Expect


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