Sunday School

The goal of the Sunday School is to show our children how to lead Christian lives. The Sunday School teacher supplements and reinforces the work of the priest and the parents in the Christian formation of the children of our Cathedral.

Our Orthodox tradition strongly believes in the importance of a family worshipping together during our divine services. For this reason, families will come to church on Sundays and worship together; that means sitting together, praying together, and receiving the holy gifts together. Immediately following Holy Communion, our Sunday School children will meet their teachers in the narthex and will head to their lessons in the A. Fantis School building until 11:45am. Your children will then meet you in the church hall, at the conclusion of their lesson.

 Bring your child to Sunday School to learn about our Savior, Jesus Christ. Using His teachings as our foundation, we bring the child to know and practice the Orthodox Christian faith.

sunday school

For more information or to register your child, please call the Church Office! 

Sunday School Director:  Pauline Apostolakis