Greek Dance 2022-23

We are so excited to begin Greek Dance Lessons this week for ALL of our Children of our Cathedral Community, from Kindergarten all the way up to High School! Please read the few notes below and then find the flyers beneath that with full schedule of dates!

  1. Greek Dance will start at the appointed hours for the appointed Grades. All Dance Lessons will be in the School Gym, and parents are invited to hang out in the Church Hall while the lessons are happening, so as not to be a distraction!
  1. When you show up, please come to the Church Hall via the parking lot, and your children will be taken to the Gym via the back walkway!
  1. Please note that Greek Dance is open to ALL children of our community, regardless of where they go to school! This is a Church Dance Group ministry, and we hope to have as many of our children participate as possible. In addition, please note that any enrolled A. Fantis Student or Alumni is welcome to join our lessons as well.
  1. On normal School Days, A. Fantis students can stay in the Beyond the Bell program until Greek Dance and then either will be collected at 5:30 (if they are K-2) or at 6:00 (if they are in 3-6). Of course, they are also welcome to come back later if they do not want to stay in the Beyond the Bell program. Please note that there is no option for Beyond the Bell extended Pick-up for our Thursday GOYA group.
  1. Tomorrow is a a half day and…YES there will be Greek dance!
  1. Greek Dance is Free to any Paid Stewardship family of our Cathedral or enrolled A. Fantis family.
  1. Our children will hopefully perform this year at Parathosi in January, our Apokreatiko in March and our Church Festival in June. Of course, in order to perform, children have to attend practices. Please make the commitment for your children to attend as many practices as possible, as frequently as possible.
  1. You child may brings snacks or water with them to Greek Dance, as there will not be food provided this year.
  1. Greek dance is an important way for our children to connect with our culture and history. Greek dance is about more than just moving your body, but many of the dances tell the history of the Greek people, and their struggle throughout history. Being a part of our Group will encourage the perpetuation of our Greek History and Culture!
  1. Let’s Dance!

Greek Dance Flyer
Greek Dance Flyer pg2